Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Green Set to Return for Caps

The Washington Capitals have announced that defenseman Mike Green will return to their line-up after being out for over a month because of knee and groin problems. The Capitals play host to the Flames on Tuesday night, which will be the first game on the ice for Green in 24 matches.  His season has been limited to eight games, where he has scored 3 goals and 3 assists.

When Green left the line-up last, in the middle of November, Leon G. was sitting in 15th spot, 12 points out of the top 10.  Upon Green's return, Leon now sits in 18th place, 38 points out of the top 10, but I don't think I would pin that all on Green's absence, as a couple of other injuries have played into this, not to mention a number of underachievers on his team.  With Green back, and hopefully 100%, Leon can start making a push up the standings.

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