Monday, January 16, 2012

Wild To Miss Koivu for a Month

Terrible news for the Minnesota Wild, as they scratch and claw their way through the Western Conference mess for a playoff spot, as their captain, Mikko Koivu, is now expected to be on the sidelines for upwards of a month, due to a shoulder injury that he suffered on Saturday night.  Koivu was hurt early in the 1st period in the shootout loss to the Blues and news came down on Sunday evening that the injury is one of the worst-case scenarios for the team and is very disappointing.

Koivu is having a fairly good season, to this point, scoring 9 goals and adding 24 assists in 41 games for the club, which is good enough for 76th in pool scoring this year.  A month away from the line-up will hurt those numbers rather drastically, likely going to drop somewhere along the lines of 100 spots, especially with scoring doing fairly well this season among everyone.

ImplicationsThis is a horrible break for Niesa S. in the pool, as her team currently sits in 8th spot, still only 12 points away from 5th spot, the last money spot in the standings.  Her team has been quite good over the last few weeks, picking up 85 points in Weeks Thirteen through Fifteen, which is good enough for 4th in the pool at that time.

Koivu has been one of her best forwards, one of four forwards on her team to be in the top 100 in pool scoring this season, which was good for a guy being picked at 93rd overall.  Sadly, this bargain is about to run out.

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