Thursday, January 05, 2012

Weber Given Green Light

Excellent news for the Nashville Predators, as their captain has been cleared to play on Thursday night.

Yes, Shea Weber will be in the Predators' line-up as they take on the Dallas Stars at home tonight, after missing out on just over a week (four games) with a concussion, which we may be able to consider a 'mild concussion.'

In the four games that Weber had missed, the Predators went 3-1-0, which is pretty good for a team that was missing out on one of their key players.

ImplicationsIn the draft, Weber belongs to Ryan M., who sat in 14th spot at the time of the injury, only 20 points out of the top 10.  Since then, he has gained some momentum, now sitting in 12th spot, 17 points out of the top 10.  The rest of his team went for one hell of a ride, which included a Mover and Shaker nod last week, so the addition of Weber can only mean better times ahead.

Ryan is now putting the top 10 on notice.

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