Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Oct 4)

The reigning champion of the goalie survivor pool is Stacey M. and her team is set to defend their title as the best surviving team from the crease in the 2018 season.

This is the portion of the season, where hope is running quite high, because everyone is still in this competition and there are five days to get the job done.

The best part of the opening nights is that it's usually the number ones that get the start.  Let's see how the first four games look!

Frederik Andersen (Mike) versus Steve Mason (Troy)
The opening game of the season, the 5pm MT start, sees table mates at the draft, Mike and Troy, go head-to-head for their first wins of the season, as the Leafs should be sending Andersen to the crease, while Mason is the confirmed starter for the Jets, as he was the big off-season acquisition for Winnipeg and brought in to help push them into the playoffs.

Jake Allen (Cam) versus Matt Murray (Stacey M.)
The Penguins will raise their banner tonight at home and they'll do so with a formidable Western Conference opponent in the house in the Blues.  Allen is expected to go for the visitors tonight, while Murray, the reigning champ, will get the nod for the Penguins.  Murray is a good goalie to have when you're also the defending champ of the survivor pool, eh Stacey?

Mike Smith (Ryan) versus Cam Talbot (Wes)
The Battle of Alberta gets an early start and the measuring sticks will be out, when we look at the goaltending between the Flames and the Oilers.  Smith will go for the Flames, as they try to make it over the brink, while Talbot gets the nod for Edmonton, as they also try to push a little bit further this season.  Two good goalies that could keep both Ryan and Wes in the mix in this mini-game all year long.  An early win will go a long ways for both teams in that regard.

Brian Elliott (Stacey C.) versus Martin Jones (Chris)
The Flyers will start the season on a California road trip, which won't be the easiest way to start the season, but it might be good to have out of the way down the stretch.  Stacey C.'s proxy team will bear the brunt of it tonight, as Elliott gets to go for him, while newcomer, Chris, gets his number one guy to go tonight in Jones in San Jose. 

Getting that opening night win makes the week much easier and certainly much more anxious for those who don't.  Six teams were eliminated in Week One last season and we've already had a peek at some teams and their goalie situation and six teams is achievable again, so keep your fingers crossed!

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