Monday, October 02, 2017

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 2)

The Philadelphia Flyers are likely going to be taking an extra defenseman to California to start the regular season, as Shayne Gostisbehere suffered an upper-body injury in the team's preseason finale on Sunday afternoon. The third-year defenseman suffered what could be a head injury in the game and he was going to be reevaluated at some point on Monday.  He'll currently be listed as day-to-day, until otherwise specified, but it's not a good start for the Flyers.

Nor is it a very good start for Kristy & Don, who had injury concerns at the start of last season as well.  It doesn't sound dire enough to take down any projected games from their roster, as of yet, but if the dreaded 'c' word drops, things may change.

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