Sunday, October 08, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Oct 8)

It was a very busy Saturday and the numbers are still rather unofficial at this point in time, but we'll sort through the numbers on Monday morning, do the usual weekly audit to make sure everything is correct, but from what I can see right now, I'm only expecting 17 teams to make it through to Week Two in the goalie survivor pool.

Carey Price (Dale C.) versus Ondrej Pavelec (N/A)
Only one game left this week and it is the Sportsnet Hometown Hockey game, which will go in a couple of hours time.  This game won't feature a goalie survival match-up, as much as one could have happened with our starters, as Brian's team, still in need of a win, will see his number one goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, watch from the bench to start this game, as his backup, Pavelec, gets the nod.  Lundqvist was pulled from last night's game in Toronto and hasn't been sharp in his first two starts this season.

Dale C. has already qualified for Week Two, but that is no thanks to his goalie today, Price, as he was pulled from last night's game against the Capitals, but pulled early enough that he'd get the start today.

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