Monday, October 23, 2017

Noon Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 23)

It appears that the days in Pittsburgh are numbered for Antti Niemi, as the goalie that worked his way into the backup role behind Matt Murray, didn't quite have what it took to stay there. The Penguins placed the veteran goalie on waivers on Monday and with a couple of teams having some goaltending troubles, someone might kick the tires and save his season. His numbers (7.49 GAA, .797 SV%), however, suggest that a trip to the minors is certainly in his future.

Picking up the backup in Pittsburgh wasn't a bad idea, since Murray isn't quite a 70+ start kind of goalie yet, but Niemi was somewhat of a questionable signing as it was, given his numbers in Dallas over the last couple of years.  For Derek B., this looks like a lost body on his squad until the Waiver Draft and could very well make for two zeroes on his projected games for the next little while.

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