Thursday, October 12, 2017

Goallie Announcements (Oct 12)

On Wednesday, we started the night with 10 of 18 teams qualified, with only three goalies set to make their mark yesterday and it was only Matt Murray winning that qualified Stacey M. on Wednesday night, still leaving seven teams left to get their win for the week and we're now moving into anxiety territory.

Seven games are on the NHL schedule tonight and only five goalies have their teams playing tonight, but will they actually get starts?  Let's have a look!

Spoiler alert... none of the early games will feature a goalie survivor match-up.

Connor Hellebuyck (Neil) versus Jacob Markstrom (Wes)
This could have been a full-on goalie survivor pool match-up, but instead of Steve Mason giving Troy a much-needed start tonight, it will be the better-performing Connor Hellebuyck starting for the already-eliminated team that belongs to Neil.  Wes, however, still gets a start from Jacob Markstrom and the Canucks tonight, playing only their third game of the season.

Jimmy Howard (Dale C.) versus Antti Raanta (Ryan)
The Red Wings have been getting some decent results in their first three games of the season and they will get a stiff test from the Arizona Coyotes tonight, who are coming off a drubbing from the hands of the Golden Knights.  Dale C. gets a start tonight from Jimmy Howard, who has Detroit's wins this season, which bodes well for the club, while the Coyotes have yet to win a game, aren't very far off.

Robin Lehner (Kristy & Don) versus Martin Jones (Chris)
The San Jose Sharks should be providing Chris a start to keep him in the survivor pool mix, with Martin Jones getting the nod against the Buffalo Sabres tonight.  The Sharks are still winless this season and the Sabres are starting to find their legs, so this will be a pretty big test for Jones and his club.  One would have to think that the Sharks aren't far away, but... the times... they are a changin'!

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