Sunday, October 01, 2017

Morning Camp Demotions (Oct 1)

Somewhat of a surprising move on Sunday morning, saw the Ottawa Senators send young rookie defenseman Thomas Chabot to Belleville of the AHL, likely for some extra seasoning before making the leap to the big club.  With Erik Karlsson not likely to be 100% ready for opening night, it was thought that it would be a pretty good opportunity for Chabot to see some time and make the decision after that.  Maybe Karlsson is closer to returning than we expect.

Chabot was taken in the 12th round by pool newcomer, Chris, which is a stroke of bad luck before the season even starts.  The projected games for Chabot have now been removed from his team and he currently sits 23rd in the category for the opening week of the season, now with 25 possible games to be played.

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