Saturday, October 21, 2017

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 21)

The Anaheim Ducks got the best of the visiting Montreal Canadiens last night, defeating them soundly, 6-2, but it came at a severe cost, as it sounds like a lower-body injury to defenseman Cam Fowler, could be significant.  The Ducks coaching staff was not going to speculate to the severity of the injury, before the doctors get a good look at him, but the reports out there are fearing the worst at the moment.  We'll be keeping a close eye on this one, for sure.

Brian's team is one of a few trying to chase down the lead that Jeremy set out before us in Week One and he currently sits in 3rd place, thanks more in part to his forwards, rather than his defensemen.  Brian's team is fairly solid at the back, despite maybe a slow start from Fowler, 2 points in seven games.

The Buffalo Sabres also lost the services of a defender on Friday night, as Nathan Beaulieu left the game against the visiting Canucks with an upper-body injury, but the details were non-existent, to say the least.  The Sabres are calling Beaulieu day-to-day for now and that's all that we really have.

Scott B.'s defense has been underachieving a little bit in this early part of the season, currently tied for 20th in the pool in points scored with 8, Beaulieu accounting for a pair of those points.  Scott hasn't been able to follow-up a good Week Two very well, so now his team currently sits in 15th.

Whatever lower-body injury that Nick Bonino is dealing with is really flaring up again, as he was placed back on the IR on Friday and is expected to miss the next couple of weeks, before getting reevaluated. Bonino didn't get a good start to the season, as he was coming off a broken leg from last year's playoffs, not getting any time in training camp or the preseason to prepare for the year, so it all might be adding up on him now.  It appears to be very touch-and-go at the moment.

Bonino was a risky pick in the draft, seeing as though he wasn't quite ready for the preseason, but Mike still took a stab at him, collecting only a goal in five games played this season.  His team currently sits in 20th, but a 10-point gain somewhere could land his team in 10th, just that quickly.

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