Thursday, October 12, 2017

Noon Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 12)

Well, it appears that the Mark Streit experience in Montreal is over and done with already and we haven't even finished the second week of the season yet.  There were reports circulating on Wednesday, that the Canadiens were shopping the veteran defender, but having signed him as a free agent, late in the summer, already suggested that everyone had already passed on him, no one was biting on a trade request.  On Thursday morning, Streit was placed on waivers and the belief will be, once he clears waivers on Friday, he will be sent down to the minors.

We'll wait for the official word to make any changes to Benson's lineup, but it looks fairly certain that his active status will come off his team list and he won't get any credit for projected games played from the Swiss defender.  Benson's team currently sits 4th in the standings without him registering a point, so far, but we all know how that can go over the stretch.

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