Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 11)

The Chicago blueline had a little bit of a rotation on Tuesday night, as Connor Murphy came out and Cody Franson made his Blackhawks debut in a 3-1 win over the Canadiens.  Murphy hasn't quite contributed on the scoresheet yet, but he is a +2 in his plus/minus rating at the end of last week, so he has been contributing in one fashion, just being on the ice.  Nevertheless, it was his turn to sit out and with the win, it's hard to imagine the lineup changing, unless there is an injury.

Brian's team, which holds on to Murphy this season, finished Week One in 13th place in the plus/minus pool, which was figured out after the audit was finally completed on Monday afternoon.  His team was a combined +1 and the leaders, Chris, Eric and Grant, all had a combined +11 through Sunday's action. 

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