Friday, March 23, 2012

Daniel Sedin Home With Concussion

It sounds like the news is as bad as everyone feared for Daniel Sedin, as one half of the Canucks' top forward pairing has suffered a concussion, due to the elbow from Duncan Keith on Wednesday night in Chicago.  Sedin was sent back to Vancouver, ahead of the team, on Thursday, while the team played in Dallas on Thursday night and will play again in Colorado on Saturday night before going home.  The news on Sedin is that he will be out indefinitely, pending further examinations.  Concussion protocol will have him out until at least mid-week, but the concern is now whether or not he'll be ready for the beginning of the playoffs.

It hasn't been an Art Ross Trophy type season for Sedin (or his twin brother, for that matter), but he has been able to put up some good numbers this year, although they may have been halted for the rest of the regular season.

Going into Friday night's action, Daniel ranks 29th in pool scoring with 30 goals and 37 assists in 72 games, which is under a point-per-game production, but still considered to be a pretty good pace.  By their own standards, which both brothers had set over the past couple seasons, it could be considered rather disappointing.

ImplicationsMore disappointing news for Niesa S., who has been struggling to pick up points in Week Twenty-Five, sitting in the bottom rung of the standings with only 5 points through Thursday's action and now her 1st round pick has been sidelined.  Her gap from 10th to 11th is still 40 points, but this kind of injury is rather concerning to say the least.

Sedin is poised to be a popular player in the playoff pool, but some hesitation may be required before picking the Box 2 selection for the Canucks at this time.  There is still a couple of weeks to go before we go on the playoff pool, so you have time to make sure he's healthy before selecting him.

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