Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hall Out Indefinitely

It was quite the substantial hit we saw between Calgary Flames defenseman Cory Sarich and Edmonton Oilers forward Taylor Hall, as the latter was absolutely run over by the former, which resulted in Hall hitting his head on the ice and being laid out for a substantial amount of time.  Hall had to leave the game, early in the 1st period, not to return to action.  After the game was over, it was announced that Hall had suffered a concussion and he will now be out indefinitely.

The general protocol for concussions will have to happen for Hall, which means he will be out for a minimum of one week, but there is a strong likelihood that he could be out for the remaining three weeks of the season.

Hall has not had the healthiest of seasons, by any stretch of the imagination, having only played in 61 of the team's 71 games, thanks to a shoulder injury and even the 61st game that he played was abbreviated. In those 61 games, Hall collected 53 points (27 goals and 26 assists), which is unofficially ranking him 75th overall in pool scoring, through Saturday afternoon's games.  It has been a pretty good year, despite the injuries, but now that it may have come to an early end, it will likely be downgraded.

ImplicationsAs if the top of the draft standings isn't already exciting enough, Clayton C., the pool leader, has now lost one of his top players and will have to defend his lead without Hall going forward.  As of late Saturday afternoon, Clayton has a 2-point lead on Dale B., who might be getting a player or two back from injury himself before too long.  This race continues to be very exciting.

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