Friday, March 09, 2012

Draft Player News (Mar. 9)

Another member of the injury prone list fell to injury yet again on Thursday night, as defenseman Sheldon Souray suffered a lower-body injury against the Sharks, having to leave the game in the 2nd period and not return. The details about the injury are not exactly known at the moment, but we'll have him listed as out day-to-day, regardless.  Souray has already missed 13 games this season to two other lower-body injuries, so this isn't a big surprise.

Things just continue to pile on Dale C., who has the potential to fall down as far as 10th before the week is out, losing some serious ground on the money spots and his team is getting hurt at a stunning pace, pretty well knocking him out of money contention.

It appears that David Desharnais will not be available for the Canadiens, when they take on the Vancouver Canucks in the late game of Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday. Desharnais suffered a lower-body injury on Thursday against the Oilers, having to leave the game early and not return. The Canadiens hit the ice on Friday in Vancouver for practice, but Desharnais was not on the ice with his teammates.  He will be listed as out day-to-day, with no word on how long they expect him to be out for.

Desharnais belongs to Niesa S. in the draft this season after taking him in the first waiver draft of the season and he has done well to help her team stay in the top 10 this season.  Niesa will go into Friday's action in a tie for 9th place, with the tie-breaker in her favour.

It's hard to say the cause of these scratches, but both Colin Wilson and Craig Smith were held out of the Nashville Predators line-up on Thursday night, as the team took on the Avalanche.  Both Wilson and Smith are still fairly young and with Nashville holding on to a very good playoff spot, a night off for the pair likely wasn't a terrible idea, especially when the team can still pull out a 4-2 victory over Colorado.

This doesn't sound like a big problem, as I would imagine that both players will be back in the line-up, unless there is something more to this story than what it appears to be on the surface.  Dale B., who sits in 2nd with Wilson and Derek W., who is in 21st with Smith, should breathe easier for now.

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