Thursday, March 08, 2012

Draft Player News (Mar. 8)

The Buffalo Sabres gave defenseman Andrej Sekera the night off, because he was feeling a tad under the weather.  The team did okay without the blueliner, as they were able to pull out a 3-2 overtime victory out over the Hurricanes.  I suppose there is a chance that Sekera may not be ready for the Sabres' next game, which goes on Thursday night, which makes for back-to-back night, but generally players just need one night off.

This week, Wes M. was able to climb out of 20th place and now he sits alone in 19th spot, with a 6-point buffer, going into Thursday's action.  There really wasn't a great deal of impact from missing one game from Sekera, so we'll just leave it at that.

The Maple Leafs are fading away in the Eastern Conference playoff race and with a new head coach in place, nothing really seems to be getting done, as the feeling-out process is still underway. On Wednesday night, the new head coach, Randy Carlyle, decided to scratch Luke Schenn, which isn't a huge surprise, since he has been a healthy scratch a few times already this season.  Schenn has really struggled in Toronto this season, which even helped put his name in the rumour mill this year.

It has been a fairly mediocre season for John P., as there have been very few great patches and very few terrible patches during his season, but there have been just enough injuries and cold players to restrict much movement in the standings.  He has peaked in the last few weeks in 11th place, meaning that some of his waiver draft picks have worked out, but that's a small consolation.

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