Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday's Playoff Pool Preview

There was no clinching of playoff spots on Friday night and it looks like I was ahead of myself, when I said that the Canucks could clinch on Friday night, especially since the Flames don't play until Saturday afternoon.

The Flyers were unable to clinch while sitting idle, since both the Sabres and the Jets were winners on Friday night, but with a win over the Canadiens, controlling their own fate.  The Sabres and Jets go again on Saturday as well, so if the Flyers are unable to prevail of the Habs, there is still a shot for the Flyers to clinch.

If the Flyers beat the Canadiens, either in regulation or extra time, the death number for the Habs would be down to one, where they could be eliminated from the playoff picture on Sunday by the Washington Capitals.

The Canucks could clinch their playoff spot with the Flames registering any kind of loss on Saturday afternoon against the Dallas Stars, but if the Flames are able to win, the Canucks could clinch with a win over the Avalanche in one of the late games on Saturday night.

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