Saturday, March 17, 2012

Draft Player News (Mar. 17)

On Saturday afternoon, the Boston Bruins decided to hold Joe Corvo out of the line-up as a healthy scratch. The team had made mention that he has been banged up of late, so it could be more of a maintenance day shrouded as a healthy scratch or some kind of variation of the kind.  I don't expect him to be out of the line-up for much longer than the one game.

Corvo belongs to Brenda F. in the draft this season and has seen some decent production out of him, sadly it isn't quite enough to have her in the top 10 this year.  Not much for impact here.

In Saturday's game between the Flyers and Bruins, the Flyers lost the services of forward Maxime Talbot and defenseman Andreas Lilja to injuries, having left the game and not returning.  Talbot left the game with an upper-body injury, while Lilja's injury was undisclosed, by the look of things.  Both players will likely be re-evaluated before their next game, which goes on Sunday afternoon against the Penguins.

Talbot is actually the only player in the draft this year out of these two injured Flyers and he belongs to Scott G., who sits in 20th place.  It looks as though that is where he is going to finish this year, thanks to all of these injuries.

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