Saturday, March 10, 2012

Draft Player News (Mar. 10)

The New York Rangers had defenseman Michael Del Zotto as one of their scratches on Friday night, as they played the Blackhawks and the speculation is that it is a hip pointer issue that is holding him back. There could be a case for being a healthy scratch, as he had back-to-back minus games, against the Senators and Devils, where he wasn't able to provide any offense or enough defense in the games, but that's just speculation.  Either way, if it is a hip pointer or a healthy scratch, he's probably day-to-day for right now.

In the draft, Del Zotto belongs to John P., who may have topped out at 11th place this season, as the gap between himself and 10th place is now 33 points, a long odds gap to overcome in a month.  John's last three weeks have not been very fruitful, suggesting that his team is struggling down the stretch and the likelihood of movement is down, rather than up.

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