Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday's Playoff Pool Implications

On Saturday, the Vancouver Canucks clinched their playoff spot and Northwest Division title with a Calgary Flames loss to the Dallas Stars, which made them the second team in the Western Conference to clinch their spot in the Spring Dance. The Canucks are considered a favourite among a lot of the pundits this year and I would imagine that they are going to be popular again in the playoff pool this year.

Also clinching a spot in the playoffs on Saturday was the Philadelphia Flyers, who clinched with their win over the Montreal Canadiens.  The Flyers may not have the defensive depth that they have been known for in the past, but the team's goaltending has begun to turn heads and the scoring has been fairly consistent all year, so it won't be the same kind of Flyers team that excels, if they do in fact have a long run.

With the Flyers win, the Canadiens have officially been eliminated from playoff contention and all of their players have been removed from the online playoff pool selection sheet.  No Carey Price, no Tomas Plekanec and no P.K. Subban this year.

On Sunday, the Minnesota Wild can be eliminated from playoff contention with a regulation loss to the Washington Capitals.  The Wild will not have enough regulation/overtime wins to beat the Los Angeles Kings in the tie-breaker, thus eliminating them.  The Wild have not been very good in the second half of the season and their elimination isn't a big surprise.

No team can clinch a spot on Sunday, but teams like Nashville, Chicago and Phoenix can do themselves a favour with wins, while the Capitals can put pressure on the Sabres for 8th place in the East.

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