Saturday, March 17, 2012

Skinner Banned for 2 Games

The NHL came down on Carolina Hurricanes forward Jeff Skinner, handing him a 2-game suspension for using his skate in a kicking motion against an opposing player in a dangerous fashion. All of the details are in the video below.

The 2-game suspension began on Saturday afternoon, as he missed out on the game against the Wild and he will also miss Sunday's game against the Winnipeg Jets, making him eligible to return for Wednesday's game against the Florida Panthers.

ImplicationsIt has been a little while since we had made mention of the battle for the basement, but here we go again.  Darren S. has now missed out on one game from his 1st round pick this year, will miss another one and will have an increasingly difficult time making up the 15-point gap that he and Derek W. have between them.

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