Thursday, March 29, 2012

Draft Player News (Mar. 29)

The Vancouver Canucks are now into the mode of preparing for the playoffs and that appears to include making sure that key players are rested and ready to go for the Spring Dance. On Wednesday night, while hosting the Avalanche, the Canucks decided to give defenseman Kevin Bieksa the night off for maintenance reasons and nothing more.  The Canucks were able to pull another 1-0 win out of teh bag, hurting the playoff chances of the Avalanche in the process and giving a rugged defenseman a small rest before a long run (in theory).

A night off for Bieksa didn't seem to hurt Clayton C. too much in the standings, as he still holds a 16-point lead going into Thursday's action and with the promise/possibility of returning right away with a little bit of rest under his belt, that could be more of a positive, more than anything else.

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