Thursday, March 15, 2012

Playoff Pool Set to Go Live on Monday

Having a week off from work has afforded me the time to get prepared for the upcoming 2012 Playoff Pool, having set-up the boxes and get the website started.  To make sure that everyone gets enough time to study up to make the best decisions with their team, the pool will go live on Monday, locking in all the players for your selection purposes.

With that being said, I am also waiting until Monday to tweak the pool, also making sure the sheet is full of healthy players and really good wild cards.  A couple of players I am waiting on include Alex Radulov and his situation with the Nashville Predators and who will get to be the starting goalie for the Colorado Avalanche, going into the playoffs.  These are very important questions that need to be answered.

The format will be exactly the same as the last five years, so there are no new surprises.  There are 24 selection sheet boxes, 12 from the West, 12 from the East and you will only be allowed to choose a maximum of three players from one team.  As much as people try to take 12 Red Wings or 12 Penguins, those teams will not be entered in the pool.  By the Stanley Cup Finals, you will only max out with six players on your roster, assuming you have chosen your team well.

Already, the Columbus Blue Jackets have been eliminated from playoff contention, but we already knew that before the calendar flipped over to 2012, but it is official.  The Edmonton Oilers are nearly out as well, while the Montreal Canadiens and Minnesota are not too far behind.  There are players from every team on the sheet at the moment, but they will be eliminated, as teams get knocked out.  Please make sure you do all of your homework before submitting your team.

So, with the Playoff Pool going live on Monday, the deadline for submissions will be puck drop on Game One of the first series, possibly giving some slight exceptions, but not too many.  Get your teams in people, it's a great time.  The entry fee is only $10 again and last year we had 71 teams, so there was a lot of money to be won at the end of it all and it's always fun to pay off those kind of prizes.

Stay tuned for more details!

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