Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bourque Out Indefinitely

The high ankle sprain is becoming pretty popular in Week Twenty-One, as Rene Bourque will now be out of the Flames' line-up indefinitely with the injury. The high ankle sprain is not an easy injury to come back from, so he will be out for the long-term, which may put an onus on some more secondary scoring for the Flames before the playoffs. Bourque may not be as important as Ryan Miller, who suffered the same injury this week, but Bourque has provided some quality minutes and scoring for the Flames, so it could be a pretty big blow to the team down the stretch.

Bourque is a Draft pick of Wes' this season, well, a Waiver Draft pick-up at least. Wes managed to sneak out 10 games from Bourque, since picking him up in Week Eighteen, and he managed to pick up 9 points in the process. That's a pretty big return for 10 games and you could only imagine what his return would have been if he finished the year healthy.

Wes now sits 58 points out of the money and a long-term injury like this will hurt him significantly. It's fairly safe to say that he'll be out of the money this year.

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