Friday, February 20, 2009

Osgood Gets a Break

Word out of Detroit is that Chris Osgood is going to have himself a bit of a working holiday from the game for the next 10 days or so. Osgood will be working with the Red Wings' goaltending coach, getting his focus back on the fundamentals of his game and hopefully give him enough of a reprieve, so when he gets back, he'll be fresh to take on another long playoff run.

Getting the start on Saturday night against the Wild will be Jimmy Howard, who was called up to the team from the AHL on Friday. Howard's game has been praised of late by Wings management and will get to showcase his skills while Osgood is away.

Osgood, a Draft pick of Dennis', has had a rocky season of ups and downs, but has still manage to register 18 wins and 2 assists for 38 pool points this season. You would have to believe that most fantasy owners would have expected more ice-time and more wins from Osgood by this time in the season, but Ty Conklin has provided some great relief for the Wings and another option for when Osgood isn't playing his best.

Rumours are abound that the Red Wings may be shopping for another goaltender before the deadline, which could make Osgood and Conklin battle it out for that back-up position... to the death! Just kidding.

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