Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rangers Really Buying?

Also along the same lines as the Islanders post below, I thought that a quick look at the Rangers and their possible team next season would be somewhat interesting. In a huge contrast to their State rivals, the Rangers have very few players under contract for 2009/'10 for a hindering $40.2 million against the cap. Since we assume that the cap number isn't going to change much (or at all), this won't be good news for the capologist in Manhattan.

From this season heading into next, there are four good forwards available (no more after that), a good top four defensemen and an elite goalie. That's all they have. There would have to be a strong presence of players from the Hartford Wolf Pack or other young prospects coming up the ranks to fill in those open gaps, which there are a lot of.

Scott GomezMichal RozsivalHenrik Lundqvist
Chris DruryWade Redden
Markus NaslundDan Girardi
Aaron VorosMarc Staal

If the Rangers are somehow in play for Jay Bouwmeester or Vincent Lecavalier, two of the highest priced names in the rumour mill, there would almost have to be a straight salary swap to ensure that this happens in their favour. Lecavalier for Gomez & Roszival would have to be swung, in order for them to drop $4 million for next season and signing Bouwmeester would likely equate to something close. Maybe somehow suggest a straight swap of Bouwmeester for Redden and that would be an equal burden swap... possibly sending a Ryan Callahan the same way for a pick to round out the deal as a cost-cutting measure.

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