Monday, November 02, 2015

Afternoon Player Notes in the Draft (Nov 2)

Just before tonight's game between the Canucks and Flyers, Vancouver defenseman Dan Hamhuis has declared himself "good to go" on Monday afternoon, so he will likely take the spot of non-pool defender, Luca Sbisa, who was reportedly injured in the game against the Coyotes on Friday.  It doesn't sound too good for Sbisa, but that will open up an opportunity for someone in their lineup, like a revitalized Hamhuis.

John R.'s team is beginning to get healthy, as Jake Gardiner came back for the Leafs late last week and now Hamhuis for tonight, his projected games to be played is around 40 for the week, so that's good news for him.  His team has taken a kicking to start the year, but getting everyone healthy is the first step to climbing up the standings.

Ahead of the game on Tuesday, the St. Louis Blues have announced that they expect Vladimir Tarasenko to be back in their lineup against the Los Angeles Kings, as he is set to come back from his lower-body injury.

Thankfully for Tony, Tarasenko didn't miss a great deal of time, only one game.  The 11th overall pick in the draft is quite valuable, especially since he has a little ways to be worth that in today's scoring rankings.  Nevertheless, Tony can breathe a little easier, as he looks to ascend the standings from his 21st place standing.

Fresh off the suspension of Ottawa's Mark Stone on Monday, Winnipeg's Dustin Byfuglien has been called to the carpet of the Department of Player Safety, so be prepared for another post about a player involuntarily taking some time away from the ice.

Unfortunately for Eric, there isn't any extra minutes provided to teams for when their players get suspended.  It may have been a good idea for bonus points or something, but it just wasn't to be.  Whatever suspension he gets will likely take away from his totals from being the goon squad of the pool.

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