Sunday, November 15, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Nov 15)

We've already finished up all the results we're going to get with the goalie survivor pool, which we'll save for the Newsletter. Of course, if you've been paying attention, you'd already know what's going on.

Only two games to finish off Week Six, Toronto is in New York for Hometown Hockey on Sportsnet, while Calgary visits Chicago.

It is expected that Jonathan Bernier (Cindy) will get his first start in a few weeks for the Leafs, who are running on back-to-back nights, while Antti Raanta (Benson) will do the same for the Rangers, also working on back-to-back nights.  Cindy is only 3 points up on Benson for the Basement Dweller of the Week nod on the Newsletter, so this game does play big for the infamous distinction of the week.

In the late game, we should probably expect Karri Ramo (Brenda & Seward) in net for the Flames, who didn't play last night, while Scott Darling (Eric) should go for the Blackhawks, who are also going on back-to-back nights.  In a polar opposite situation, Eric is looking at a Mover & Shaker nod, being tied with Troy, heading into Sunday's action, and could use a win to earn some separation.  Brenda & Seward are also in good shape this week and a win for them could inch them ever closer to the money spots.

The Newsletter might be a pretty good one tomorrow morning, especially with how close everything still is.

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