Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stepan Out With Broken Ribs

The argument rages in the Twittersphere, as to whether or not Matt Beleskey's hit on Derek Stepan was late enough to warrant some kind of supplemental discipline, but at the end of the day, it isn't going to happen and Stepan was caught admiring his pass, when Beleskey finished his check in open ice, sending the Rangers forward into the boards awkwardly and he suffered a broken bone or two in his ribs.

Stepan still had some tests to undergo this weekend, so his status for now is out indefinitely, 4-to-6 weeks would be a very reasonable guess at this point, but indefinitely, nonetheless.

This season, Stepan hasn't nearly been as dominant on the scoresheet as some may have predicted, only registering 6 goals and 12 points in 23 games to this point, which is only good enough for 159th overall in pool scoring.  Some may have expected more, but this injury will cease many high expectations, surely.

Brian picked Stepan with the 91st overall pick in the draft, taking him in the 4th round, so there is proof that expectations were much higher for him.  Instead of being a 4th rounder, like he was selected, he was playing as a 6th rounder, surely to drop.

I would assume that Brian will be waiting intently to hear what the final diagnosis is, as the Waiver Draft starts to ramp up on Monday.

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