Friday, November 27, 2015

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Nov 27)

The New York Rangers coaching staff have confirmed, prior to their matinee Black Friday start against the Boston Bruins, that defenseman Dan Boyle will be one of two scratches for the team today, likely saving the aged veteran from the early start, where injuries are known to happen to the ill-prepared.  Not saying that Boyle isn't all that prepared, but given his status, he may not be quite as prepared as some of his younger counterparts.  Not to mentionn, Boyle isn't expected to be running a full schedule this season, which we highlighted the last time he was scratched.

This is the risk that Scott has to run with having Boyle on his team, which isn't necessarily paying off, even though he was a 14th round pick in the draft.  Boyle currently ranks 459th in pool scoring, while being taken 354th overall, thanks to only 4 points.  He is definitely a candidate for being dropped next week, which would save the blog an extra paragraph or two, here and there.

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