Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hammond Dealing With Concussion

The undisclosed injury that Ottawa Senators goalie Andrew Hammond is suffering from is apparently a concussion, one that was suffered by taking a puck to the mask in practice last week and the reports out there today are suggesting that things are not going so well with it.

With these new revelations, he has been downgraded from day-to-day with his undisclosed injury to out indefinitely with the concussion.  I don't believe Hammond has been placed on the Injured Reserve quite yet, but if the symptoms are not going away any time soon, the Sens may want that sort of roster flexibility for their skaters, instead of hanging on to three goalies.

Hammond has only appeared in four games for the Senators this season, winning in two of those games, picking up 4 points for his side.  The Hamburglar has been anything like his previous self a season before, but the thought process did seem to be Craig Anderson would redeem his number one spot at the beginning of the season and he had been playing well enough not to let it go.

As a 10th round pick, the draft had a pretty good feeling that Hammond would be playing second fiddle, so when Wes took him down a little ways in the process, it didn't really come as too much of a surprise.  Nevertheless, Wes hasn't been getting value for his pick, since Hammond was taken with the 247th pick and he now ranks 458th overall.

Once the Waiver Draft gets started, Wes will have some decisions to make... does he move a goalie to try and earn some more points with his 1st round pick or does he go with a big goon, solidifying his spot as the pool's rough & tumble team?

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