Monday, October 10, 2016

Crosby Out With Another Concussion

The Pittsburgh Penguins came out of left field on Monday afternoon and announced that their captain Sidney Crosby has suffered another concussion.

As per the coaching staff, Crosby suffered the concussion in practice on Friday, didn't feel well enough to play for the team in their last preseason game on Saturday and underwent testing for the concussion on Monday, as he wasn't fit for practice.  Protocol should dictate that he could be ready for the weekend, if he was to pass all of his baseline tests in time, but given that the announcement came today and somewhat out of the blue, it leads us to believe that this could be a bit more significant than not.  We will have to see, but it is most likely that Crosby will start the year on the Injured Reserve, allowing for an extra body to be up, but he could be eligible to return by Friday.

Although it wasn't effectively announced, one would have to assume that Crosby will start the season on the Injured Reserve, retroactive to sometime last week, so if everything was to go smoothly, he would be eligible to return for Saturday night.  Today's announcement, given the timing, does put a bit of pessimism on that possibility, but we'll have to wait for confirmation from the team this week.

Of course, this comes as a huge blow to Brenda & Seward's pool team, as Crosby was their 1st round pick, 13th overall.  Yes, given the announcement was today, Crosby would be eligible for the preseason waivers, if needed, but the pool's second duo would need to make that decision by Wednesday afternoon.
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