Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Noon Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 11)

The big push for waiver claims on Tuesday morning did indeed see a claim for veteran forward P-A Parenteau, as the New Jersey Devils were able to see their claim go through and they added the cost-efficient winger onto their roster before submitting their final lineup for Tuesday's cap compliance deadline.  As noted yesterday, the 33-year old signed a very cheap deal on Long Island in the off-season, but couldn't quite make the cut out of training camp and their cast off was a win for the Devils.

This was the good news that Tony was waiting for, as he won't have another body inactive for the start of the regular season.  His team is now situated at 27 games for Week One, tied for 19th in the pool in that category, only 5 games back of the leader.

In what could just be a paperwork shuffle to start the season, or so I have read as a possibliity, Ryan Pulock was among a couple more cuts from Islanders camp on Tuesday, as they try to make themselves cap compliant for the deadline today.  Pulock, a rookie defender, didn't have to clear any waivers to go down and should still be waiver exempt for a while, meaning he gives the Islanders flexibility in their roster, if they need someone to go up and down.

This doesn't really help Wes though, as it will remove his projected games from his roster for the time being and give him less to work with in Week One, until he gets recalled, that is.  The Islanders will open up their schedule on Thursday and there is still a chance that Pulock could be there for it.

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