Sunday, October 16, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Oct 16)

After Saturday night's extended schedule, the goalie survivor pool has now qualified 18 teams for Week Two and we still have three more games to be played in the week.  Maybe we'll scrape another team into the conversation for another week... then again, maybe we won't.

Heading into Sunday, we have two teams that still haven't seen any goalie appearances in action in Week One, as Benson and Clayton are still without.  Can they find anything on the last day of the week?

It is the Islanders' home opener tonight in Brooklyn and they'll have the Anaheim Ducks invading the Barclay's Center for this one.  The Islanders gave Jaroslav Halak the night off on Saturday, getting him primed and ready for the big show in front of their own crowd and in the visitor's net, we should be expecting John Gibson.  Both teams are off to 0-2-0 starts, so they really could use a W.

Speaking of needing a W, Dale B. is still in need of a win to move onto next week and he will be leaning on Gibson for this game.  Troy already has a win in the week, but there's nothing wrong with playing spoiler, the design he hopes that Halak will follow tonight.

It's the season's first Hometown Hockey game on Sportsnet and it was supposed to be the match-up between the first two picks of the 2015 Entry Draft, but that isn't the case, so we'll just move on.  The Oilers are running hot after a couple of big wins over the Flames and they'll keep Cam Talbot rolling with another start on Sunday, while the Buffalo Sabres are expected to go with Robin Lehner.

Marcie and Jeremy have already qualified for next week, so no story there... but Marcie holds a 1 point advantage over the current champ, ranking 10th & 11th, respectively.

It could be another warm reception for former Canucks goalie Eddie Lack, as he gets the call for the Hurricanes in Vancouver tonight.  On the other side, it will be the second night of back-to-back games for the Canucks, which should mean that Jacob Markstrom gets the call in this tilt.

This will be a game of two teams still in need of qualification into next week and Stacey C. and Clayton are both hopeful that they can keep going... and getting those points in the standings are good too.  Stacey is in the money mix, early on this year, while Clayton's team is keeping his head above the flooded basement waters for now.
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