Monday, October 10, 2016

Gudas to Miss Opening Six

Well, if there is someone who know how to get themselves in a boatload of trouble these days, look no further than the Philadelphia Flyers and Radko Gudas.

The 26-year old Czech defender has found himself in some more hot water after a late, high hit on Boston prospect Austin Czarnik in their last preseason game on the weekend and the hit, plus being a repeat offender, has now given him a 6-game suspension, as per the video embedded below.  Gudas won't be eligible to return to the Flyers' lineup until October 25, in Week Three, when the Flyers are at home to the Sabres.

There's no debating that Gudas does have a very physical element to his game, but he has been known to go a touch over the line.  Last season, he was good for 116 PIM in 76 games and if he was to play in every game after his suspension, he would be left with 76 games to play again, which is good news, I guess.  In the hockey pool, he was only good for 14 points, so he wasn't really considered a scorer, by any stretch of the imagination.

ImplicationsWell, since there is no rookie pool to consider this year, Scott may have to change his major from the freshmen side of the NHL ledger to the goon side, once the Week Eight Waiver Draft rolls around.  No, Gudas' suspension will have no bearing on Scott's PIM totals for the season, but Gudas is a solid bet for triple digits in the category, but he'll have to wait a couple weeks before he can possibly cash in.

The season hasn't even started yet and we're already looking at winning Scott's money back one way or another.

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