Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Preseason Waiver Action in the Draft (Oct 12)

There's nothing more unlucky than picking a player in the hockey pool draft and then coming home to find that he has suffered a scary injury and then the next day hearing that he will be out of commission for months and not days.  Yes, this is the horror that Stacey M. found herself in, when she found out that Florida Panthers forward Jonathan Huberdeau suffered a major leg injury and will be out until sometime in the New Year.

Now, this is really unfortunate and since the season has yet to start, this sort of instance is worth being able to swap out the injured player for someone who will start the season with their respectie NHL club.  Saying that, Stacey has decided to drop Huberdeau and pick-up Andrew Shaw of her beloved Montreal Canadiens, who should fill some of that scoring void and possibly help her in a side quest of the PIM pool.

Having a player sent down to the minors/juniors or picking a player who is already injured at the draft does not qualify for this service, because there is generally a lot of risk associated with taking players who are bubble players, on the edge of their team's roster, or being unsure of how bad an injury is, especially if you knew that player was injured to start the season.  A major injury is far worse and you won't be held accountable for it.
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