Monday, October 10, 2016

Noon Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 10)

The Montreal Canadiens confirmed on Monday that defenseman Jeff Petry will start the season on the Injured Reserve, likely retroactive to his injury on October 6th, but we still don't really know what the injury is or how bad it is.  Placement on the IR will allow for the Canadiens to keep an extra body up on the roster, which appears to be forward David Carr for the time being.

Petry's placement on the IR means that his projected games are now removed from Stacey M.'s team at the moment, which brings her total down to meet Tony's, at 22 games for Week One.  This injury did occur before the draft, so it isn't eligible for a preseason waiver swap, but there is no indication that this is a long-term problem either.

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