Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Oct 26)

Cam hopped up into the lead for goaltending wins in the pool on Tuesday night and his team was one of six teams to qualify for Week Four.  Wilton, Dale C., John, Stuart and Brenda & Seward all knocked a win off their to-do list for the week, leaving 10 teams to duke it out before Sunday night's cut-off.

In Brooklyn, it will be Al Montoya versus Thomas Greiss in net, when the Canadiens start back-to-back nights against the Islanders on Wednesday night.  Greiss is the only one of the two that is in the pool, belonging to Dale B., but his team did not make it out of Week One in the survivor pool, so this game is all about points tonight.

The Boston Bruins goaltending situation isn't getting any better any time soon, so they will be sending Zane McIntyre out to face the Rangers, the night after coming in for relief of Malcolm Subban against the Wild.  At the other end, we have pool representation and Henrik Lundqvist still has Grant in the survivor pool and all things being equal, should qualify for Week Four with some ease... one would assume.  Be careful about that, right?

In Edmonton tonight, it will be a battle of two survivor goalies, with Braden Holtby going for Jeremy, playing against Cam Talbot, belonging to Marcie this season.  The goaltending match-up likely isn't the biggest story in this game on the surface, but it does have some merit here and that's what counts!  One of these goaltenders is really going to earn that ticket to next week, one way or another.

The late game takes forever to get confirmed, so we'll have a crack at it and leave it... we're expecting Pekka Rinne for the Nashville Predators tonight, taking on John Gibson, who had to come in relief last night as well for the Anaheim Ducks, which will be a tough situation to play in, but those are the breaks.  The injury to Jonathan Bernier doesn't help much.  Rinne would provide a start to Stacey M. tonight, who is still in the survivor pool and Gibson will give Dale B. both of his goalies in the crease, wishing that he was still vying for the survivor money.

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