Monday, October 10, 2016

Parenteau Can't Crack Islanders

The New York Islanders started the process of moving forward P-A Parenteau off their active roster, as they placed the veteran forward on waivers on Monday.

The 33-year old signed a 1-year, $1.25 million free agent deal with the club over the summer, supposedly adding a veteran presence to the team, something that may have been lacking a little, once the Islanders made it to the playoffs.  Obviously, training camp did not work in Parenteau's favour, as his name has now been moved off the active roster and made available to the rest of the league for the next 24 hours.

One would think that a 41-point player from a year ago would have some pull in the rest of the league, enough to get a job elsewhere, but it is now a waiting game for him.  His salary isn't very much, so he would be a very cost efficient player, especially if he can post those kind of numbers again.

This isn't good news for Tony, who probably thought he was already out of the woods for bad luck in the World Cup of Hockey pool, where injuries made him swap out a couple of players.  Sadly, with minor-league demotion, his player is not eligible for a replacement.  Right now, he can only hope that another team claims the veteran or that his stay in the minors is only temporary.  Either or are a possibility.

Tony's team now sits at the bottom of the standings for projected games in the coming week, as his team has been stripped of a couple active bodies this week and he is still waiting for one RFA to sign.

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