Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Oct 19)

Well, I know that there were some teams that qualified for Week Three last night in the goalie survivor pool, but the specifics are escaping me today, as my Dropbox didn't sync with all my updates from last night and this blog post will fall flat on its face.

What I can tell you this afternoon is who is starting in net for the two games scheduled on Wednesday and you can make whatever assumptions needed for this evening.

In Winnipeg, it really isn't the goaltending match-up that will have everyone excited, obviously, but that's what this blog post is all about, so we'll run with the goalies.  Tasked to try and stop Patrik Laine will be Frederik Andersen of the Maple Leafs, as he'll go for Brian tonight, while getting the tough task of trying to stone Auston Matthews will be Michael Hutchinson of the Jets.  Hutchinson is the 11th round pick of Grant's this year.  Both Andersen and Hutchinson have provided the only wins for Brian and Grant and they both came in Week One, so they will both need a win to qualify for next week.

At Madison Square Garden, the Red Wings and the Rangers will meet up for the first time this season.  Jimmy Howard will get his first start for Detroit, but it is already too late for him to help Benson, as his pool team was eliminated, due to a lack of starts, period, in Week One.  At the other end, it will be Henrik Lundqvist, giving Grant a second crack at Week Three tonight.

A couple of wins out of Grant's goalies would not only keep him qualified for next week, it would also give him a pretty good shot at 1st place tonight, getting reestablished in top spot would be ideal for him, one would imagine.

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