Monday, October 24, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Oct 24)

We're back at it in Week Three, but this week, we're down to 16 teams in the goalie survivor pool and all of those who have survived Week Two, are back down to zero again and all looking for their qualifying win for Week Four.

The only goalie of note today is Steve Mason, belonging to Brenda & Seward.  Mason will go for the Philadelphia Flyers tonight against the Montreal Canadiens and will have the unenviable task of taking on Carey Price, who belongs to the 1st place team of Benson's.  It's probably not an impossible task to win this one, but who would you put your money on?

In Chicago tonight, it will be two already-eliminated goalies in Brian Elliott against Corey Crawford, as the Flames will visit the Blackhawks at the United Center.  Derek B. versus Marcin, 16th versus 13th, respectively, in the standings.  If Elliott could spring a win here, it would at the very least, bring Derek's team level with Marcin, as it is only a 2-point gap between the two sides in those three spots in the standings.

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