Monday, October 10, 2016

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Oct 10)

In some of the weekend cuts, the Anaheim Ducks sent defenseman Shea Theodore down to San Diego of the AHL to start the season, as he was one of the last blueliners to go down after training camp.  There will still have to be a few more cuts before Tuesday's deadline for cap compliance in the NHL, but one would have to imagine that Theodore will be one of the first call-ups in the season, if and when needed.

Tony made Theodore his 14th round pick, trying to round out his blueline with a rookie, not that it meant anything this year, but it won't quite work for him to start the season.  According to the early numbers, his Week One, which starts on Wednesday, won't be as packed with skater games as some teams, as he only has 25 games projected for the opening five days.

It was overlooked in the playoffs, but the reminder was put up on one of my favourite transaction sites, that Brayden Schenn won't be dressed for the first three regular season games for Philadelphia, as he was suspended in April for a charge on Washington's T.J. Oshie.  I have posted the video below, but since this isn't hot of the presses, it won't get its own blog post, just a quick reminder that Schenn was running around like a bull in a china shop at the end of the playoff series between Philadelphia and Washington and it cost him in the end.

This suspension will cost Cam a few games to start the year, including Philadelphia's two games in Week One.  Cam's team will open the week with 26 projected games, which is tied for 21st in the statistic, but our leader, Stacey C., only has 32 projected games, so it isn't a huge difference.

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