Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Antropov to the Rangers

The Rangers have won (if you can call it that) the Nikolai Antropov sweepstakes by giving the Leafs a couple of picks.

2008-2009 Statistics20092010
To RangersPositionAgeGP/MINPointsCap HitCap Hit
Nikolai AntropovF296246$2.05 millionUFA

2008-2009 Statistics20092010
To Maple LeafsPositionAgeGP/MINPointsCap HitCap Hit
2nd Round Pick

Conditional Draft Pick

It was only a matter of time before Nik Antropov was actually going to be moved out of Toronto, as there were supposedly a number of teams inquiring about the cost of getting him out. In the end, it was a second pick to go along with a second round pick that was the final asking price and the Rangers came away with him. The move doesn't immediately breed more hope in the Big Apple, as Antropov doesn't have the best of reputations in regards to winning, but there he goes. The jury is out on this move.

In the Draft, Marcus, our 2nd place team in the Draft, has Antropov and couldn't be too disappointed with him, as he hasn't hindered Marcus from getting into the money. It will be important to see where Antropov will fit in the line-up before you can assess his true worth. Scoring at a pace of well under a point-per-game, Antropov likely won't be expected to do much better.

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