Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Vermette for Leclaire

The first deal of the day has been completed and it sees the Senators send Antoine Vermette to the Blue Jackets for Pascal Leclaire and a second round pick, which addresses needs for both teams. This looks like a pretty good hockey trade from the outset.

2008-2009 Statistics20092010
To OttawaPositionAgeGP/MINPointsCap HitCap Hit
Pascal LeclaireG266739$3.8 million$3.8 million
2009 2nd Round Pick

2008-2009 Statistics20092010
To Columbus PositionAgeGP/MINPointsCap HitCap Hit
Antoine Vermette F266228$2.763 million$2.763 million

When it comes to this season's pool numbers, this trade only affects the Sheet pool and that's a very small effect as it is. Vermette, I believe, was picked a few times here and there, while Leclaire went into the season as the number one guy and was in a box that he wasn't going to be picked, so he doesn't change the face of the standings at all.

Leclaire, also injured until April, will likely take over the number one job from Alex Auld or Brian Elliot (whoever it is at the time), which does take minutes away from either Dale C. or Clayton, respectively.

A good deal for both teams, as they both get players that will help them out down the road, Columbus, likely having the most immediate effect, as they are making a run for the playoffs.

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