Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clowe Out 1 Week

Bad news for the Sharks, but it may come at a reasonable time. Ryane Clowe has been sidelined for a week with a lower body injury and will not be in the line-up tonight when the Sharks play the Predators at home. The Sharks are glad that the injury won't cost him any post-season time this Spring and he'll get a little bit of rest leading up to the stretch. The Sharks have already clinched the Pacific Division and a playoff spot, so the need for Clowe in the line-up isn't very high in San Jose.

However, in the Draft, Jeremy will now be without one of his key forwards for the next few games, which is bad news for him, as he's firmly planted in the money race. As per tonight's preview, Clowe was set to be helping Jeremy fend off John B. and Benson away from the third and last money spot in the standings tonight.

This season, Clowe has 22 goals and 30 assists in 69 games for the Sharks and was picked up in the Waiver Draft by Jeremy this season, counting 29 of the 52 points towards his totals.

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