Monday, March 09, 2009

Horton & McCabe Out

The Panthers run to the playoffs have hit a bit of a speed bump, as a couple new injuries have surfaced, which could cause some concern for the next little while, but it won't be too long. Speed bump is probably the best way to put it, as it could be a hiccup in the end. Nathan Horton will miss the next couple weeks after undergoing surgery to repair a torn tendon in his left ring finger and Bryan McCabe will miss at least the next two games after having surgery to repair a fractured orbital bone around his eye.

As for the pool implications, Horton is a pick up Peter's, who is in the money hunt down the stretch, while McCabe is a pick of Dennis', who is down near the bottom of the Draft. Peter definitely needs everyone to be healthy, as he keeps himself rather close to the top.

Horton has 38 points in 57 games this season, while McCabe has 33 points in 56 games.

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