Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gerber Suspended

It's official now. Martin Gerber has been suspended his assumed three games by the NHL after his abuse of an official in Tuesday night's game against the Capitals. Without going into all the detail that you already know, as you have seen the replays and made your opinions known, Gerber will hand over the reins to Curtis Joseph, unless the Leafs decide that this is yet another good time for Justin Pogge to show off his goods.

Gerber was drafted this year by Grant, but his lack of good play in Ottawa saw his demotion to the minors and then he was dropped from the Draft pool when he was able. Gerber is still a part of the Sheet, but no one wanted a piece of him this season, especially after his poor start and if anyone did pick him on the Sheet, they dropped him right away. You need a starting goalie in the East, which he was slated to be in Ottawa.

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