Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Connolly Also Removed From Market

The Sabres have announced that they have re-signed Tim Connolly to a new contract extension. His new deal is reportedly worth $9 million over 2 years. Connolly was set to be an unrestricted free agent in July and now his rental availability has now been diminished to zero.

This season, Connolly has only played in 29 games for the Sabres, but has had some good returns, scoring 11 goals and adding 15 assists, likely not playing at 100% for all of those games.

Connolly is still a part of Larry's team in the Draft this season and his staying in Buffalo will likely keep him happy, but the question is, will it keep him healthy? His impact really shouldn't change in the Draft, nor should the skepticism that he can continue playing throughout the season.

The overall scheme of the deal does seem awfully steep for the term of his deal, especially for his health concerns. The Sabres do have some salary concerns going into the summer, but those will be ironed out with some other deals after the season is done.

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