Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Morning Catch-Up

The Stars put Brendan Morrison in the line-up after claiming him on waivers on Wednesday, but ended up taking out Jere Lehtinen, due to an undisclosed injury. There isn't much you can say about an undisclosed injury, except that I don't know anything about the injury or how long he'll be out for. There you have it.

The Senators didn't dress Christoph Schubert once again. I am beginning to wonder if Schubert was shopped around just before the deadline. I really wish he was traded, that way he might not feature back in these notes any more... dressed... scratched... dressed... scratched... play good for once!

Last night, Daniel Briere left the Flyers game against the Flames with a groin injury... yes, another groin injury. This is why Briere is a bad fantasy pick. This morning, the Flyers announced that the injury isn't as bad as it was feared and he should be back in the line-up next week, meaning that he'll miss Saturday's game.

New acquisitions means that some old roster players will move back to the press box. On Thursday night, Daniel Winnik and David Hale moved back to the press box while the Coyotes took on the Bruins. Both Sheet players have been healthy scratches on a semi-regular basis this season.

On Thursday afternoon, Alexander Ovechkin suffered a heel injury after blocking a shot in practice and ended up missing the Capitals game against the Maple Leafs. Ovechkin will likely be back in the line-up on Sunday when the Capitals take on the Penguins in another match-up against his biggest rivals.

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