Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Waivering Action on Tuesday

The trade deadline has caused all sorts of crazyness on Tuesday, the day before the deadline, as the Waiver Wire is getting pulled and let go of quite often today. It's quite the marvel to watch and try and collect all the information. There are plenty of pool players making the rounds now as well, as they may have been considered a little too expensive for what they've done this year.

First on the list of expensive waived players, Brendan Morrison of the Ducks has been placed on waivers, but should likely play for the Ducks tonight in Chicago. Morrison is in the last year of his current deal, that poses a $2.75 million annual cap hit and that would be preferably shed by the Ducks, likely in order for a move tomorrow.

The Thrashers have reportedly put Box 18 forward, Eric Perrin, on waivers this morning as well, in accordance to his wishes to be moved away from the club. Perrin had some great success in Atlanta last season, but has failed to be the same player he was a year ago and hopes that a change of scenary will help. In 60 games with the Thrashers, Perrin has only managed 5 goals and 10 assists at an annual cap rate of $750,000. He could be a good bargain for some team this year.

Plucking a player off the wire this morning was the Flames, as they picked up non-pool defenseman Lawrence Nycholat from the Canucks. Nycholat has played in 14 games for the Canucks, registering a single assist, but has been a healthy scratch for the Canucks of recent.

The Penguins have placed Miroslav Satan on waivers on Tuesday morning, as he's a $3.5 million annual cap hit and has only produced 36 points in 64 games for the Penguins. Satan, a Draft pick of Larry's, has been underachieving for the Penguins, as he was thought to be a good solution to the top six winger problem for Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin. Pittsburgh goes tonight against the Lightning.

The Lightning have also done a little waiver action themselves, as they have placed veteran winger, Gary Roberts on the wire this morning. This poses an interesting scenario, where it looks like the Lightning don't want any value back for Roberts, who would be a good pick-up for a playoff team. This looks like another annual cap hit of $2.07 million being pushed off the books, if possible.

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